How to use propolis extract on schungite water? - Instructions, reviews


In this article you will learn how propolis extract on schungite water acts on our body.

Very often, the effectiveness of tools used in traditional medicine, baffled even venerable scientists. Such powerful substances that can cope with diseases beyond the control of doctors include shungite and propolis. When both components are added to healing infusions, their effect is only enhanced. Let's see how the propolis extract on schungite water acts on our body. So let's get started.

Propolis extract on schungite water can be washed to rejuvenate the skin, use it for allergies, many skin and lung diseases, including such severe as tuberculosis

What is shungite?

In the Pinezhsky region of Karelia, near the village of Karasozero, the healing source "Three Ivana" is located. In ancient times, people did not know about the presence of schungite deposits in this area, nor about its amazing properties. But even then they went to the source with a procession and washed in these waters.

Above the spring, located in this area, in the future even a small chapel was built. There have been cases of the complete cure of trophic ulcers and serious gastrointestinal diseases by its water.

She knew about this amazing phenomenon and know. After all, the very first Russian resort, built in 1700, was precisely the waters of schungite. Peter I even erected near the doors called Marcial Waters.

Interesting!Peter I was confident in the beneficial properties of schungite, so he forced every soldier to wear this mineral in a special flask.

The mystery today is the composition of this mineral - in fact there are no substances in nature in which the components are mixed so homogeneously

Research scientists

Serious interest in this mineral appeared only in 1982, when it became clear that fullerenes are part of shungite water. After all, to date, antioxidants are more powerful than their scientists have yet found, and their strength is 100, and sometimes 1,000, more powerful than all known similar substances. In nature, they are contained only in the sea air, so fullerenes up to this point were obtained only in laboratories.

But unfortunately, researchers to this day have not been able to completely solve the scientific riddle called shungit - from which this mineral was formed and for what reason its structure is so unique. After all, its unusual effect on the body can hardly be explained only by the presence of fullerenes. For example, the mystery today is the composition of this mineral - in fact there are no substances in nature in which the components are mixed so homogeneously. There are no natural minerals with the presence of natural solid carbon in them, one of which is fullerene. All this scientists only have to find out once.

Tip! Shungite is used to make all kinds of jewelery: pendants, beads, bracelets, etc. It is believed that wearing them helps to strengthen the immune system and rejuvenate.

Propolis and its amazing properties

With the healing properties of propolis - the sticky substance that bees use to disinfect their homes - even physicians agree. Many scientists from the USA, Russia, Japan and other countries seriously engaged in research of its effects on the body. It was proved experimentally that in 70% of patients the condition after his administration improved significantly, and only in 25% of the rest there were improvements, but less pronounced.

Gropolis can handle not only the majority of known bacteria and microbes, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

However, to date, in official medicine, propolis is used mainly for disinfection and the fastest healing of wounds, including purulent wounds (propolis is able to draw dirt from the body). In the opinion of traditional healers, its healing properties are much stronger. After all, propolis can cope not only with the majority of known bacteria and microbes and has anti-inflammatory properties, but with long-term use it is capable of:

  • clean the blood vessels, blood and lymph and improve immunity;
  • stimulate metabolic processes and enhance tissue regeneration;
  • rid our bodies of toxins;
  • saturate the body with vitamins and minerals (in propolis contains the whole complex of the most important);
  • provide substantial assistance in chemical poisoning;
  • cure many infectious diseases;
  • slow down the oxidation, which means reduce the speed and aging process;
  • restore damaged cells of the body;
  • normalize blood pressure;
  • deal with asthma attacks;
  • cure diseases of the joints, including such serious ones as osteoporosis or arthrosis;
  • get rid of many pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • treat the liver and pancreas;
  • relieve headaches and migraines;
  • rid of dandruff.

You can list them endlessly - in the process of cleansing the body and raising its immunity, many serious diseases disappear forever. In combination with fungit, its action is enhanced by several times.

The combination of the properties of propolis and shungite

Shungite, like propolis, has a high sorption capacity and helps remove many hazardous substances from the body. When insisting it on water, it removes from it salts, heavy metals and destroys bacteria. Once in the body, it begins to clean the blood, lymph from excess salts and toxins.

The union of these two natural healers is amazing.

He is able to cope with free radicals. But, as you know, they are the main "culprits" of cancer. That is why healers call this mineral "God's gift."

The union of these two natural healers is amazing. According to reviews, propolis extract on schungite water can be washed to rejuvenate the skin, use it for allergies, many skin and lung diseases, including such severe as tuberculosis. He also cures the consequences of hepatitis, successfully fights with sciatica, biliary dyskinesia, gynecological diseases, etc. All diseases that can be cured by using this extract are simply not counted.

Important! This extract can be used only if you are not allergic to bee products. However, you can use only schungite water for treatment. She has no particular contraindications.

How to make a healing elixir at home?

To prepare the extract from these two substances, bestowed by nature itself, we will need to first produce the schungite water itself:

  • a 3-liter jar of ordinary water from the tap will need 300 g of shungite;
  • it is better to take small pebbles, so they act better;
  • shungite is cleaned of dirt and sand and washed;
  • put it in a jar and leave for two days, periodically shaking the contents;
  • the infusion is ready.

Use ready-made extract must be within 2 weeks.

Since propolis always contains wax, it is possible to extract all the useful substances only by insisting on alcohol or heating. We will use the second method.

Before mixing with schungite water, propolis should be thoroughly crushed. It will be more convenient to do this if you briefly place it in the freezer. After this, the propolis will become more rigid, and it can be easily cut with a knife to the state of a crumb or grated on a fine grater.

We throw propolis in schungite water (100 g should be taken for 1 l) and put it in a water bath. In order not to destroy the biologically active substances contained in this natural gift, it is not necessary to boil it. To dissolve, it is only necessary to warm up for 40-45 minutes in a water bath.

The resulting tool is poured into an opaque glass container and put in a dark place. Use the extract must be within 2 weeks. If you can not buy shungite and propolis separately, you can buy ready-made extract from reputable manufacturers.

If you can not buy shungite and propolis separately, you can buy ready-made extract from reputable manufacturers

Tip! If you doubt the healing properties of schungite, try to pour water on the seedlings infused on it. As a result, be able to see for yourself. From this water, it becomes stronger, the plants bloom faster and give greater yield.

Instructions for use

The dose of taking propolis extract on infused schungite water depends on age. To enhance the effects of the drug, its intake is broken several times and taken before meals 3 times a day. Wherein:

  • children under 3 years old give no more than 1/4 tsp;
  • children 3-8 years old - 1/3 spoon;
  • adults and children from 14 years old - 1 teaspoon per day.

This composition is bitter in taste, and due to its ability to anesthetize it may cause mild numbness in the tongue.

After a month of taking, they must take a break of 10 days, and then continue the course of treatment. To obtain a noticeable result of such courses must be at least three. This composition is bitter in taste, and because of its ability to anesthetize it may cause mild numbness in the tongue.

Important! Initially, any of our illness begins with an acute form, and only then becomes chronic. When cure can begin the reverse process, that is, the return of the acute course. Although this is a definite sign of healing, the body tolerates this process very hard, so you should reduce the dose here.


There are no special restrictions when taking this drug. It should not be used only for the treatment of babies up to a year and in the presence of individual intolerance and allergy to propolis.

Since this extract is a very powerful tool, you should not increase the dose. When taking carefully observe the reaction of the body and with the appearance of the slightest negative reactions immediately stop the treatment.

When taking carefully observe the reaction of the body and with the appearance of the slightest negative reactions immediately stop the treatment

In order to avoid habituation and reduce the effect it should not be taken for a long time - a break in taking the extract is required. Before starting treatment with propolis extract on schungite water, it is better for pregnant and nursing mothers to consult a doctor additionally.

Tip! Shungite stones can be used repeatedly. After six months, they are replaced by new ones, and used ones are discarded.

So, this extract is a unique natural healer. But it must be used correctly. Only in this case, you will be able to restore your own health and begin to live a full life. Health to you!

Extraction of propolis on schungite water: reviews

Katerina, 41: I know about propolis for a long time, but only recently a neighbor told me about the healing properties of schungite. I decided to experiment and poured schungite water to my cat. Near put the usual water. Surprisingly, it was the first bowl that attracted the animal. She insisted on propolis shungite. However, I drink extract only the second week. From the visible results - fatigue was gone. It turns out really works.

Helping to cleanse the body from the inside, the extract brings external beauty

Olga, 29 years old: Buy a water extract of propolis on schungite water, I was persuaded by a colleague. Since childhood, I have suffered from a very serious illness - asthma, so the initial idea of ​​taking some kind of, even if healing, water did not inspire me. But after drinking her month, she decided not to stop and take the composition further. Of the obvious advantages - I use the inhaler less often, and the ambulance stands under the doors no longer daily. Is it really possible to completely get rid of my torment?

Ivanna, 21: I had eczema between my fingers. It was simply impossible to wash some small things by hand, they immediately began to tweak hands from the powder. She even picked up the soap. Rummaged in the Internet all recipes. Once stumbled upon this extract. Saw a month. Now, on the place of eczema only small stains remain.

Snezhana, 33 years old: They say that the action of schungite water and propolis is based only on self-suggestion. If this is the case, I would like all serious diseases to be cured by self-suggestion. My pressure has long been tormenting me. Sometimes up to 180 jumped. Now above 140-160 does not happen. And I absolutely do not care, I suggest it to myself, or indeed the extract works. Most importantly, my head hurts less, and I feel much better.

A natural doctor will help you get rid of many problems

Olga, 44 years old: I know from my own experience that psoriasis is very difficult to treat. As soon as I get nervous, it becomes aggravated right there. For my illness, three courses of propolis extract on shungite are very few. But the effect is already there - the spots have faded, and they are almost invisible on the hands. I firmly believe in healing, so I continue to drink further.

Galina, 21 years old: There are no particular illnesses, so I bought this remedy by chance, for company with my aunt, a lover of all kinds of folk remedies. I read in the instructions that the hair from him becomes better. I've been making masks now for two weeks now. They seem to be starting to shine. Skin at the same time lubricated. But on acne while the extract is not particularly effective. We should still start drinking.