10 of the most curious star tattoos


A dozen years ago, tattoos could only be found on people who defy society. Now they can be found in many, and celebrities, of course, are no exception. We collected the most spectacular star tattoos and tried to find out about their meaning.

Top 5 most beautiful tattoos for male stars

Oddly enough, those tattooed stars, for which the meaning of the tattoo is embedded in family relationships, are in the top five.

David Beckham

On the chest of a young man is depicted Jesus with three cherubs, who personify David with his children.

Justin Bieber

Noteworthy tattoo on the leg of a guy. It shows hands folded in prayer. This symbol means faith in the Lord and his power.

Dwayne Johnson

On the left hand "Rocks" flaunts a huge Polynesian tattoo dedicated to the family. Each element reflects events from the life of an actor.

Johnny Depp

On the forearm of a man there is a picture of a bird that he drew during the shooting of the film “Pirates of the Caribbean”. It is noteworthy that this is not a sparrow, and the titmouse is the symbol of all sailors. Tattoo made in honor of the son of an actor.


On the left shoulder of the rapper depicted a mushroom with a skull. The tattoo was made in honor of the dead Uncle Eminem, with whom they were very close.

5 curious tattoos for superstar women

And here are the top five curious tattoos of female stars. It seems that some of them are even more eccentric than their male counterparts.


On the right hand of the singer there is a classic Maori tribe tattoo. For a girl, she symbolizes strength and love.

Demi lovato

The hand of the girl is decorated with the image of a flock of birds. Tattoo symbolizes the desire for freedom and independence.

Cara Delevingne

On the index finger of the actress depicted a lion. It symbolizes the majesty of character and the nobility of the actress, and is also her zodiac sign.

Angelina Jolie

The most voluminous tattoo on the body of the actress is located on the back. The huge tiger symbolizes luck and wealth.

Cheryl Cole

The back of the girl is decorated with massive roses. They symbolize the revival and glory of the singer.

Tattoos are not only a distinctive feature of a person. They also act as decorations and can incredibly change the look of their owner.