What to wear with a denim vest: 55 fashionable looks


A denim vest is such a familiar and at the same time ambiguous piece of clothing! It is quite versatile, but not every woman of fashion includes it in the shopping list. And very vain! After all, denim products are wonderfully combined with a variety of things, and the images that can be created with their help are original and diverse. It is possible that not everyone considers this purchase compulsory, because many do not know what to wear with a denim vest and what outfits she can competently fit into. But this thing is appropriate at any time of the year! Do you want to show off your knowledge in the fashion world and become a guru of style, trying on this wonderful detail? We will tell you about the most interesting and practical combinations.

Fashion trends in 2018: the world of denim

Many people mistakenly believe that women's jeans vest is gradually out of fashion. But this is not so, because especially now, when the style of the 70s returns to the podiums, denim is at the peak of popularity! And many designers do not miss the opportunity to include jeans in their collection.

Stella McCartney in the spring collection offers denim vests, combining them with flying dresses or creating a total look.

Denim vests in fashion, you only need to know certain trends and understand which models you should choose now, if you decide to buy. First and foremost, the simplest basic thing that you definitely won't get wrong with is a classic denim vest. Recognizing this is very simple - it looks like a regular denim jacket with cropped sleeves.

Edges can be carefully processed, smooth or with a short fringe.

Gaining popularity, will become superfashionable in the spring-summer season and the waistcoat with a large neckline will not slow down in the fall, rather tightly fitting the body at the waist. She has a lot of advantages: she visually pulls out the silhouette, “adds” the figure, making the outlines more feminine. Such low-cut vests are somewhat reminiscent of classic costume models.

Even when unbuttoned, such a thing perfectly emphasizes your bends.

Elongated models are no less popular, but they can be somewhat difficult to find on the store shelves. For such a fashionable thing is to hunt!

Brave designer Anna Young created a collection with super long denim vest. Bright and original, but not for everyday life!

It is not necessary to consider elongated vests as property of exclusively catwalks and designer boutiques. The outfit for every day can be complemented by a simple model of dark blue jeans, a white T-shirt and shorts are perfect as a base.

Beautiful turndown collar and sleek fit - a win-win solution!

Another trend is the gradual departure from the fashionable Olympus of vests, referring us to informal styles, such as punk and extreme street clothes. In 2018, the palm is in tender, feminine images and brooches suitable for everyday wear.

Similar copies with applications and stripes in the style of "rock" should be postponed for at least three seasons!

What can I wear with a denim vest: 50 stylish images in the photo

Now that we know about the main fashion trends and saw what modern designers offer, let's see what sets each of us can create to be truly irresistible.

Winter wardrobe

It is believed that for such a frosty season the vest is a bad choice, because we spend all the time in down jackets and warm jackets. But this garment is not used to maintain body temperature. Often, a denim vest is a stylish accent in the image. Moreover, it goes well with warm things, and therefore in the winter it can not be written off!

Denim vest, contrary to stereotypes, looks great on a tight sweater

Since we associate jeans more with everyday and even a little sporty style, feel free to combine it with sweatshirts, especially if the latter are decorated with an inscription or a bright print.

Choose shortened models or those whose bottom edge coincides with the bottom of the sweatshirt.

No less successful combinations will be obtained if we take for the basis concise, basic wardrobe items.

The shortened vest will perfectly complement monophonic, voluminous things.

Even sweaters with heavy, textured knitting will make a harmonious and extremely stylish pair with a denim vest!

For such images, choose a denim with chafing and aging effect, pay attention to oversized sweaters

Also the vest is well "friendly" with warm monophonic turtlenecks and sweaters. If the latter lacks brightness, the vest can compensate for this with fittings or abrasions.

Careless, raw edges give the image a little boldness.

Spring outfits

This season is characterized by warmer weather, which means that all our stylish finds will not have to be hidden in jackets and jackets! At the peak of popularity in each spring - pastel colors. Yes, jeans can be not only blue or blue: there are gentle, feminine, but no less practical things.

A thin pink denim vest from the pages of Vogue magazine - perfect for spring!

It is possible to wear such vests on a naked body, but it is better to leave it for fashion stages, yet in everyday life you need to wear something for them. For example? Classic, current and accessible to everyone - T-shirt, basic white or bright. The advantage of this image is that it is easy to think and implement.

Leggings mimic the skin, competent accessories: bag-bag and simple white sneakers

You can create spectacular sets by choosing a romantic, flying dress and waistcoat from thick, slightly coarse denim. Get a kind of dreamy, fragile and feminine person.

Add accessories: sunglasses and a small handbag on a long strap or chain

If you prefer skirts, the scope for fantasy is also huge! At your disposal a variety of colors of vests, suitable for completely different styles.

Romantic, elegant, daring - choose your outfit for your soul!

The most winning option - skirts and dresses with floral pattern. Flowers are generally relevant every spring, and such a tandem will be not only fashionable, but also convenient.

Saturated coral color, delicate pattern and light cropped vest - the perfect kit for walking!

Even black dresses made of fine knitwear, worn under a vest, do not look gloomily in spring, but concisely, restrained and incredibly fashionable!

An elegant hat protects you from the bright sun, you can wear ankle boots or wedge sneakers

Prefer pants or jeans? Then at your service no less interesting combinations. It is important to remember the golden rule - the wider the pants, the longer the waistcoat should be.

Banana jeans, rather voluminous on the top, perfectly arranged with a waistcoat below the mid-thigh.

By the way, the combination, similar to what you see above, is called total-onion (total-look), the top and bottom in it are made of fabric of the same texture. By the way, many people perceive the completely “denim” image as something excessive. With an inattentive and ill-conceived approach to the compilation of a set, this may indeed be the case, but by itself a combination of different denim things in the same outfit is quite acceptable.

In order not to overdo it, use things from denim of different colors.

Best of all, denim vests look with equally fashionable skinny and / or cropped trousers. The latter may be bright spring shades, reminiscent of buds and inflorescences.

Vest should choose a shortened, so that it does not look cumbersome

Free and light bloomers - another comfortable and stylish piece of spring wardrobe.

If you wish, you can leave the vest, but replace the coarse sandals with open wedge sandals.

Despite the fact that the styles of punk and rock are a little off to the side, nothing prevents them from being inspired by them, while at the same time diluting the sets with soft details.

Hard rivets on the vest and leather are compensated by pearls on the skirt and open top

T-shirts with musicians and symbols of groups are ideal for waistcoats, but spring dictates its own rules: add femininity!

Tie an oversized T-shirt with a bundle, dilute the set with a black and white skirt with a floral pattern.

Summer images

In the summer, light fabrics are in progress, sets that are not constraining movements, and of course interesting models! A vest at this time of year generally loses its function of keeping warm and becomes a 100% stylish touch to the image. It is in the summer that the peak of the popularity of ultrashort models falls.

Option for slim, young girls. If desired, the short top is replaced by a T-shirt or T-shirt.

Vests decorated with embroidery, ribbons or inserts from another fabric are in fashion. This piece of clothing is very self-sufficient, and therefore avoid several bright details in the image at once.

Correctly composed: shorts are not less interesting, but do not over-attract attention because of the light shade.

Another trend that always takes its toll in the hot season is lace and lace inserts. And rough, pretty tight jeans makes up with her a great tandem!

Very unusual designer vest is complemented by a simple dress of a delicate color, the image is not flashy and stylish.

If you are the owner of a basic vest from a denim of a classic cut, we will prompt one more simple way to make it bright and in summer-like fervent! Get a lot of badges and brooches that go well together and let your imagination run wild.

Without badges, a set of knitted dress and a shortened vest would not be so original!

Of course, business is not limited to simple blue or blue denim. But if in the spring we paid attention to the pastel shades, in the summer the models are white or vice versa are very bright.

Both the vest and the T-shirt attract the eye, but they are solid, and therefore the image looks harmonious.

What to wear under the vest? If you are satisfied with your figure and are confident, we can offer an extreme combination with a short top. But be warned: in this case, the length of the sleeveless denim should be standard, and even below the hip line!

More conservative individuals will rescue the multi-layered. All fabrics must be natural for the skin to breathe.

Shorts make up a win-win tandem with a denim vest, besides they give our legs to sunbathe. You can create a total-look denim or combine this fabric with other, lighter ones.

Put on a loose cotton top under the bottom, choose comfortable shoes - sneakers or sneakers will do

If you want to create a more feminine look and take a break from jeans, any dress is at your service. One of the most spectacular options is a white sundress with a denim vest.

Add bright details - it can be a bag or a massive necklace.

It looks gorgeous denim vest complete with flying, long dresses and skirts. In this case, stiletto shoes should be left for evening exits, completing the day image with sandals on a small wedge or heel.

This outfit is suitable for walking, and for a romantic date!

The boho style is very popular and very relevant in the summer, sending us back to the 70s, the hippie era. Massive bracelets, earrings and a bag-bag will help emphasize this style.

Long earrings and a wide belt with a buckle are competently chosen - all this refers to the boho!

Autumn Sets

If in the summer we paid special attention to the laces and lightness, in the fall the textures become denser, more rigid. Of all the ways of decoration, the fringe is especially popular: denim vests, complemented by it, cannot be called simple, imperceptible wardrobe items!

In cool weather it is better to wear a warmer black dress and ankle boots under the bottom.

Since at this time of the year more dense materials are gaining momentum: leather, wool - images that borrow elements from subcultures become more appropriate. It is only important to maintain a balance and not move from originality to a completely informal style.

If such tights are too much for you, you can replace them with tight jeans.

For lovers of calm, casual sets, it is worth noting that a denim vest goes well with many basic items of autumn wardrobe.

A rather simple striped sweater and a pair of sneakers - the set is ready!

Turtlenecks with a high collar also form a harmonious couple with a denim vest and will eliminate the need for a long time to choose an outfit.

You can choose both shortened and classic models of vests

No worse than in summer, looks like a set of loose, thin shirt (cotton or viscose) and denim top. More appropriate would be the model of shirts and blouses with long sleeves.

Image for the beginning of autumn, when the cold has not yet taken its toll

Pay special attention to the elongated models of shirts and tunics. They will not only be an excellent acquisition, but they will also hide such features of the figure as wide hips and extra volume in the waist area.

A simple classic denim vest would be the most appropriate solution.

Warm half-woolen and acrylic dresses are not worse combined with elements from jeans. The main thing is to think carefully about the image. So, it is better to wear heavier, rough shoes.

The denim jacket can be replaced with a vest of a classic cut from the same material

And of course, in the fashion of multi-layered, which not only shows the good taste of the designer of the dress, but also warms in inclement days.

If it is difficult for you to put together items of clothing on your own, we recommend that you look at the ready-made images from fashion blogs.

Another type of vest, popular in cold seasons, is a warm model with fleece or wool lining. They perform more utilitarian function than aesthetic: they keep warm well, but they look too simple. Nevertheless, and with them you can create good sets!

Choose elongated vests oversize - these will not look cumbersome and even add style to the image

Ladies with forms

It may seem to some that the waistcoat cannot take a place in the wardrobe of a full lady, as it will only emphasize the extra volume of the owner. But this is nothing more than a myth. The whole secret is to choose the right model. First of all, we advise you to choose vests with a length below the middle of the thigh - this will hide many nuances of the figure.

Stop on a thick denim, which will further model the figure

If your choice nevertheless fell on a shortened model, then there is a little trick here: never fasten such a vest, wear it wide open! The vertical lines formed by it visually stretch the silhouette, and you will appear slimmer.

The waistcoat corrected the waist, and high-rise jeans - hips and sides

Denim vests with a V-shaped or deep neckline are also very fit for corpulent women, not only hiding small flaws, but also emphasizing beautiful breasts!

The breast line is correctly framed, the elongated jacket hides the "problem" areas

Avoid excessive fitting: it does not “gather” the figure, but only highlights the flaws. If you like to wear things, having fastened them to the end, we advise you to get a jeans vest of a classical cut.

Do not ignore things with interesting elements: embroidery, appliqués and inserts.

For women from 50

"Jeans" is equal to "youth clothes"? And what if we say that ladies of noble age can afford denim things? At the same time available a lot of interesting, refined images! For example, you can take as a basis a classic pair of white shirt + black pants.

Outfit with a "twist", quite simple, but not boring at all!

Such basic things as knitted sweaters and turtlenecks are quite useful for women of any age! Pay attention to tighter jersey: it will look better on the figure, not clinging too much and not emphasizing the age-related changes of the silhouette.

Do not forget about the bright strokes and accessories, but do not overdo it!

Dresses for 50 ladies downright needed. They give a feeling of femininity, elegance and just give a charge of good mood! Denim vest perfectly completes the image, regardless of the texture of the dress.

Fashion bloggers of different ages and three different outfits! One caveat - hands are still better to hide with long sleeves, and legs with pantyhose

No less spectacular sets can be made with straight cut trousers with arrows. They will make legs slimmer, add statism. At the same time the outfits are not official, but everyday and very comfortable.

And again, three cuties with bright everyday looks! The colors of the clothes are beautiful, tasty, but, importantly, not flashy.

Dress like celebrities

A small charge of inspiration - fashionable images of famous women who have become style icons and examples of excellent taste.

Gwen Stefani combines a waistcoat with lowered trousers. Bright accent - mustard shoes

Like any of us, the wardrobe of every celebrity corresponds to her lifestyle, addictions in clothes and music.

The image of Rihanna with sharpness - ripped white jeans emphasize the style of a tomboy. Sex is preserved by a short top.

In addition to the red carpet, actresses are not strangers to walking and shopping, where you can not do without simple everyday things.

Diane Kruger, an actress, went out to walk the streets in a vest, wearing a concise knit dress

При этом мода на деним поддерживается и более взрослыми, и юными представительницами голливудского бомонда.

Селена Гомез обожает майки и футболки с принтом. Джинсовая жилетка - отличный штрих в образе!

There are kits not only for hot summer days, but also for bad weather. Even in sunny Los Angeles there are strong winds and rains and warm things can not do!

Actress Elizabeth Olsen, sister of famous twins, in windy weather wore corduroy pants and gray denim vest

Interestingly, denim vests are a favorite piece of wardrobe not only among conservative celebrities who adhere to the classic style or prefer a casual one.

Sexy, provocative Megan Fox combines classic jeans with a bright red dress and heavy biker boots.

In the wardrobe of each woman should be interesting, unusual things that can be easily combined with others, getting a variety of styles and images. Denim vest will be an excellent acquisition, select only the style and cut that you like more. Do not be afraid to create new, stylish kits based on our recommendations. After all, even if we use ready-made solutions, we can change something, add interesting, unexpected details and experiment. In such experiments and bold decisions lies our individuality.