Delicious and healthy stewed cabbage - Recipes with photos step by step


In many countries, stewed cabbage is popular

Respect this dish not only in Europe. Popular since the times of Kievan Rus, braised cabbage (see step-by-step recipe with photos) has also received well-deserved attention in Russia. We will describe her most interesting recipes in this article. So let's get started.

Cabbage is not only a tasty vegetable, it is also rich in many vitamins

The magical properties of cabbage

The use of cabbage is explained by the presence in it of a whole complex of vitamins, phytonutrients, macro- and microelements:

  • 200 g of fresh cabbage contains a daily dose of vitamin C, which is so necessary for the body, which is involved in the metabolism and is responsible for restoring connective and bone tissue; in the same sauerkraut, this amount even increases; By the way, there is even more vitamin C in it than in oranges;
  • in addition to the strongest antioxidant C, which neutralizes radicals and enhances immunity, it contains quercetin, another powerful antioxidant that protects the respiratory system;
  • vitamin A, able to deal with age-related changes and increase body resistance;
  • Vitamins B1, which protects nerve cells and B2, responsible for the normalization of energy metabolism and skin and hair condition;
  • PP, strengthens blood vessels and circulatory system;
  • potassium, magnesium, silicon, boron, phosphorus, iron and calcium;
  • folic acid;
  • apple and lemon, contributing to better absorption of fats; and in fermented and lactic acid;
  • tartronic acid inhibiting fat deposition;
  • phytocides that inhibit the growth of bacteria, etc.

Regular consumption of dishes with cabbage can strengthen your immunity

Tip! Fasting cabbage juice can cope with a stomach ulcer. This is due to the presence in it of vitamin U, which promotes rapid regeneration. For the first time this vitamin was found in the cabbage.

The presence of a sufficient amount of fiber in this plant helps to gently remove toxins from the intestines. In this case, its caloric content is low, so when using it, you can not be afraid of gaining weight.

So, with regular use of cabbage, you can:

  • reduce cholesterol and blood sugar;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • lose weight;
  • cope with constipation and edema;
  • improve skin and hair condition.

Tip! Scientists are lined that cabbage lovers are much less affected by bowel cancer. And they used not only white, but also colored, Brussels or broccoli.

Calorie stewed cabbage

Fresh cabbage is low in calories - there are only 100 calories in it. However, when adding vegetable oil and meat to it, naturally, its energy value increases. So, when stewing it with chicken, it will already be 170, and with fat pork - as much as 450 kcal.

Therefore, with an excess of weight, it is better to limit yourself to cabbage, stewed with a small amount of vegetable fat, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers and spices. In this case, it will only benefit. Below we describe a simple recipe for such stewed cabbage with photos step by step.

When braising chicken with chickens, it will be 170, and with fat pork - as much as 450 kcal

Tip! The greatest distribution of white cabbage is explained by the simplicity of its storage. The rest of its species, red, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, colored and others contain not less, and in some cases, more useful substances. Most of all vitamins contain cabbage.

Who is contraindicated in this dish?

Due to the high content of dietary fiber cabbage helps proper digestion and adjustment of the chair. But unfortunately, excessive consumption of this product can lead to increased gas formation. With a healthy intestine, this is not critical. But here as a feeding for babies, the microflora of which is not yet fully formed, it should not be used.

Since not only fresh but also stewed cabbage can provoke excessive production of gastric juice, you should not abuse it - 200-250 g per day is enough. It should not be used by people suffering from an ulcer or any other diseases of the stomach and intestinal tract.

Since not only fresh, but also stewed cabbage can provoke excessive production of gastric juice, you should not abuse it - 200-250 g per day is enough

Tip! So that after cabbage you don’t swell the belly, before it is consumed or cooked, mash it well or scald it with boiling water, then add a pinch of cumin into the product. Less puchous belly and young green cabbage.

Braised cabbage in Russian

In the old Russian recipes there is a description of a snack called cabbage. In its fermented form, it was tormented in Russian ovens on very low heat for up to 2-3 hours. In modern conditions such a dish can be cooked in a slow cooker or oven.

We offer you this diet stew cabbage recipe step by step with a photo:

  • for making such a dish, sauerkraut is sorted out, and too large chunks are additionally ground;
  • shredded carrots and onions are added to thick-walled dishes, which are fried on fat for about 10 minutes;
  • then the cabbage itself is put, a little sugar is added, if necessary, salt and water;
  • it is not necessary to pour a lot of liquid, otherwise the dish will turn out tasteless; if necessary, it is added a little when boiling;
  • if desired, before roasting, pre-fried meat is added to the dish.

If desired, before roasting, pre-fried meat is added to this dish.

Tip! For the kitchen of ancient Russia was characterized by cooking in pots and pots. When using them, you will receive not only a true Russian dish, but also a product cooked over low heat, in which all the beneficial properties of cabbage will be preserved to the maximum.

Russian Cabbage Selyanka

Today solyanka called quite fatty and spicy soup with cabbage and pickled cucumbers. In the XVIII century, the villager was called the second course. So, we offer a recipe for such stewed sauerkraut with photos step by step:

  • its base is brez - onions browned with fat (it was usually removed from the broth);
  • then pickled cucumbers, poached in a very concentrated meat broth, are added to it;
  • sauerkraut, if necessary, washed and stewed with the addition of mushroom or beef broth.
  • after it is softened, flour is fried in butter and stewed for another 10 minutes;
  • then lay in a pan in layers of cabbage, boiled meat, ham, kidneys and sausage, pickled mushrooms, spicy herbs, and all this splendor goes for about 20 minutes to the oven.

You can also stew sauerkraut

Tip! In order to preserve as many vitamins as possible, sauering cabbage is better not chopped, but cut into several pieces.

German recipes

In Germany, as well as in Russia, more than a stewed braised cabbage. A real Christmas dinner was simply unthinkable without this national dish in combination with the knuckle. In general, the Germans prefer to cook cabbage with pork: ribs or sausages.

Brewed it in advance in clay pots, immersed in water, without the addition of carrots. Pork fat or butter, pepper, onion, juniper berries, apples, cumin, and, of course, beer should be included in the “right” stewed cabbage.

We will describe only the simplest recipe:

  • thinly chopped smoked fat in a thick-walled pan is stewed up to cracklings;
  • then onions are added with thin half-rings and fried until slightly golden in color;
  • if desired, sausages or fried ribs are thrown here;
  • sauerkraut, seasonings, salt and some sugar are added;
  • water flows in;
  • the dish is stewed over high heat until golden brown;
  • The last apples are added, and the dish is brought to their readiness.

Germans prefer to cook cabbage with pork: ribs or sausages

If desired, sugar can be replaced with any sour jam, for example, from black currant. This will give the cabbage a peculiar taste and flavor. It is added about 5 minutes before removing the dish from the stove.

Interesting! Homeland of this vegetable is the Mediterranean. In Italian, capitata means head. Its specific name Brassica is derived from the Greek word "brasso" - crunch, crackle.

Cabbage stewed in Czech

No holiday table in the Czech Republic also does not do without cabbage. In this country there is even a Union of her lovers. In order to taste the fermented dishes and choose the best, the true gourmets specially gather in Dobrozhany.

Naturally, Czechs adore cabbage and in stewed form. Moreover, for its preparation, not only white cabbage, cauliflower, but also red cabbage are used. The last stew is most often in wine with apples.

The main highlight of this dish in Czech is the pre-marinating of this vegetable. Vepřo-knedlo-zelo - cabbage with pork and dumplings, as well as stewed with sausages for beer, is very popular. Bake it with a duck.

Tip! Fresh cabbage juice is an ideal cosmetic. It not only rejuvenates the skin and makes it velvety, but also promotes healing of wounds.

So, we will describe in detail the recipe for delicious stewed cabbage with duck step by step (see photo):

  • poultry pickled 8-10 hours with sugar, cinnamon, onions, ginger, cloves, garlic and pepper;
  • it is then removed from the brine, scalded to remove excess seasoning, and left to flow around;
  • dry duck smeared with a mixture of mustard and honey;
  • they fill it with already prepared stewed cabbage;
  • the bird's abdomen is sutured, and the legs and wings are wrapped in foil;
  • roast the duck with braised cabbage for about 1.5 hours in the oven;
  • following excess fat is removed with a spoon during cooking;
  • For 40 minutes, it is better to remove the foil so that the legs and wings also brown;
  • This fragrant dish is served with baked or boiled potatoes.

Braised cabbage can serve as a complete second course

Interesting! Even Pythagoras was engaged in cabbage selection. He claimed that it relieves fatigue, improves mood and strengthens the body. Dedicated to her breeding a lot of time and the emperor Diocletian himself.

Cabbage stewed with prunes

Very curious is the preparation of sweet and sour braised cabbage with prunes. It adds a specific flavor to the dish, similar to the taste of smoked meats. If you are interested in this unusual combination, we suggest you cook it yourself. So, the recipe for fresh cabbage stew with prunes (see photo) step by step:

  • finely chopped onion, and then carrots, sliced ​​with plates, are stewed in a frying pan;
  • finely chopped prunes are added to the onions and carrots and stewed for a couple of minutes;
  • fresh cabbage is cut as thin as possible, then salt is added to it;
  • the cabbage is carefully wrapped around the hands so that it gives the juice;
  • add it to the pan, if desired, pour into the dish a little pepper;
  • simmer under the lid for 30-40 minutes.

Very curious is the preparation of sweet and sour braised cabbage with prunes

Interesting! For the first time to ferment cabbage soaked in wine, learned in China. It became a welcome dish on the Russian table in a leavened form only in the XIV century, after the raids of Genghis Khan.

Stuffing for stewed cabbage pies. Basic subtleties

Cabbage for the filling can be extinguished in both fresh and fermented form. In addition to roasted onions, it can be added to:

  • stewed carrots;
  • tomatoes, ketchup or tomato paste;
  • boiled eggs;
  • fried mince or meat;
  • mushrooms;
  • pepper, cumin, cloves, nutmeg and other spices of choice.

Cabbage for the filling can be extinguished in both fresh and fermented form

Interesting! Even the ancient Greeks considered cabbage to be a symbol of sobriety and recommended to be consumed for relieving intoxication.

Since the hot cabbage will stick to the dough, it must be cooled before cooking the pies. There should be a minimum of liquid in the filling, otherwise it will simply flow out. That is why the pies are spread onto the pan first, with the seam down - in this case, the seams will brew and will not diverge.

Patties with cabbage, made from yeast, puff pastry or dough on kefir can be fried in a pan or cooked in the oven. So that they are well fried, it is better to cook them on medium heat until golden brown.

Interesting! About the benefits of cabbage known in ancient Egypt. So, at the time of Ramses II, doctors advised that it was necessary to include it in the diet. Moreover, the cabbage at that time was still little known, so in noble houses it was considered an exquisite dessert.

Since the hot cabbage will stick to the dough, it must be cooled before cooking the pies.

Chef Ilya Lazerson suggests using a stewed sauerkraut recipe served with fat meat. The acid contained in this dish contributes to its better absorption.