Who could have become the father of Lopyryova’s child if she hadn’t spun with a married Bulatov?


The past year brought a large number of events into the life of Victoria Lopyreva: she coped well with the role of the FIFA ambassador during the World Cup in Russia, celebrated her 35th birthday, and is also preparing for her first child to be born. The history of relations with businessman Igor Bulatov has become overgrown with gossip and scandals.

That Victoria Lopyryova is pregnant, rumors have been going for a long time. The most alert and attentive subscribers of Instagram presenter began to notice - her luxurious figure has changed, and frank fitting outfits gradually left the wardrobe, giving place to free things. For a long time, the future mother did not give any comments on this topic, but recently she told her subscribers about her position.

It would seem that Victoria had a lot of worthy fans, why did she choose a married man? Perhaps, this question is unlikely to give a public answer. Anyway, it is impossible to dismiss Vika's gentlemen, because any of them could become a worthy husband and father of a future baby.

Alexander Ovechkin

One of the first men who managed to win the heart of the winner of the contest "Miss Russia 2003", was the Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. In 2009, Victoria met him during an interview for one of the TV channels devoted to sports topics, but that was not the end of their acquaintance. After some time, the couple began to appear together at high-profile events, and a little later, Victoria began to introduce herself to the future bride of the hockey player.

Relationships between the couple developed successfully: Alexander introduced his darling to his parents, was going to marry and even, they say, was not against becoming a father. Model herself sincerely wanted to become Ovechkin, but spoke about it infrequently. Soon the couple scattered, and the blame for the steel ... paparazzi! Everywhere they pursued a loving couple, and Victoria could not stand the life under the guns of cameras. Later in an interview, Lopyryova did not hide her frustration over the break with the hockey player and complained that they were literally pursued in Washington and Moscow, taking every step.

Nikolay Baskov

Relations between the two stars have caused a violent boom among those who follow the Russian show business. Nikolai Baskov was as close as possible to be at the registry office with Victoria, and the media managed to christen the news "wedding of the century." Victoria’s offer to the singer in 2017 in Chechnya at a reception at Ramzan Kadyrov. The high-ranking guests and the head of the Chechen Republic himself were shocked by such an act by Baskov, and Ramzan Akhmatovich even honored this event with a separate post in his instagram, judging by which, a happy event was to occur in the city of Grozny on October 5.

But the wedding never happened - since that day, Miss Russia 2003 and the Golden Voice of Russia led their lives separately. Many are sure that in this way the artist and TV presenter just wanted to attract attention to themselves, and the wedding was not destined to be from the very beginning - the couple had previously been in friendly relations, in which they remained after the hype subsided.

Fedor Smolov

The former star of the football club "Krasnodar", and now the player of the Moscow "Lokomotiv" Fedor Smolov still bears the title of "only husband" Victoria Lopyryova, although over several years of relations and living together, the couple have not visited the registry office to formalize their relationship. The football player’s “only husband” is not accidentally called - the couple held a spectacular wedding ceremony in Bali and pleased their fans with photos directly from the thick of the events. It was these pictures that gave rise to many rumors and conjectures that Fedor and Victoria were finally married.

But in 2015, the couple was destined to fall apart. This news was joyous for many football fans who were confident that with the advent of Victoria in the life of Fyodor, his career as a player began to decline, and the player's results on the field deteriorated markedly.

The separation was calm: there were no scandals, accusations or insults from any of the parties. Similar gaps between star pairs are rare. The only commentary Lopyryova after she became free, was the phrase "Fedor is not yet ready for family life."

At the end of 2017, the girl became the official ambassador of FIFA and during the World Cup often intersected with her former lover. After the release of the Russian national team in the 1/8 final, Fedor presented the ex-girlfriend with a T-shirt with his last name.

Vlad Topalov

One day, Victoria became a participant in one of Vlad Topalov’s music videos for a song called “Learning to breathe without you,” which was the beginning of an unofficial romance between a singer and a model. Young people did not advertise their relationship, but often appeared in public together. The couple attended social events exclusively under the arm, not being ashamed of cameras.

Once they even made a public quarrel in one of the restaurants, then a lot of dishes suffered. According to one of the versions, the scandal was caused by jealousy on the part of Vlad, who could not stand talking to Victoria with her friend Artem Korolev. Among the fans there is a perception that what happened was only a PR action by the artist, the attention to which began to fade away.

The separation of the couple was as unexpected as its formation. No one knows the real reason for the break and whether the novel was real at all. According to one of the journals, the couple broke up due to the conflict of the model and Philip Kirkorov, in which Topalov could not take a definite position.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Footballer Henrikh Mkhitaryan is another man with whom Victoria was credited with the novel. The couple was constantly noticed in each other's company: on walks, in a restaurant located in the center of Moscow, as well as in Armenia, where Heinrich conducted guided tours for the TV presenter.

Victoria herself spoke positively about the former midfielder, “Manchester United”, without giving any comments about what the relationship with him. To the question of who is in the top three of her favorite players, the star replied: "Messi, Mkhitaryan, Ramos". One can only guess about whether friends have some kind of romantic relationship, because under the sights of television and photo cameras they try to keep a relaxed look.

Other possible novels

Thanks to her numerous novels, Victoria has acquired the image of a scandalous star, which is why many rumors about her personal life are circulating, and more and more new details from her past come up online. For example, back in the early 2000s, Victoria participated in the TV show “The Last Hero”, where a trucker named Andrei Reznik was courting the star.

Andrey Reznik and Victoria Lopyryova

The pair often appeared on the screen together, and television viewers repeatedly noticed that the model was not indifferent to a modest working driver. After the end of the teleproject, the relationship of the couple did not develop.

Victoria was also attributed to the novel with actor Vyacheslav Manucharov, as well as businessman Nikolai Sarkisov, but there is no exact information about this.

Vyacheslav ManucharovNikolai Sarkisov

Igor Bulatov

The last man in the present life of Lopyryova, as well as the father of her unborn child, was businessman Igor Bulatov. Such news gave rise to scandals in social networks, as the man had recently divorced his wife, Tata Karapetyan, who bore him a daughter less than a year ago. Also, the fact that Victoria and Tatevik were personally acquainted added fuel to the fire.

On attacks on social networks, Victoria said that the marriage of Igor and Tata had "cracked for a long time," and she even wanted to end the relationship with her chosen one when she learned about pregnancy. Karapetyan herself learned about the relations of her husband on the side of the media, horrified that her husband did not even deign to speak with her personally.

Sometimes the personal life of stars is so swirling that it becomes difficult to understand it.