How much is the cheapest hoverboard? - Overview of offers


Consider how much the cheapest hoverboard costs and learn its basic parameters.

Currently, a new means of transportation is gaining popularity - a hoverboard. Consider how much the cheapest hoverboard costs and get acquainted with its basic parameters. Many consumers have not fully understood what their device represents, and some have never heard of this tool. Consider what it is that is inside the mechanism, and how it works.

The peculiarity of the device is its simplicity and unpretentiousness, and the wide functionality allows the owner of a hoverboard to feel like a superman

What it is?

Giroskuter is a progressive model of transport used for the movement, designed to deliver its user to the destination. The peculiarity of the device is its simplicity and unpretentiousness, and the wide functionality allows the owner of a hoverboard to feel like a superman.

Giroskuter - means for moving, inside of which there is a vibrating gyroscope with a processor. Transport management is carried out through two engines. Using the device, you can make turns, turns, on average, on a single charge can pass about 20 km.

What is inside?

The device device is quite simple, at the same time uncomplicated.

Giroskuter - means for moving, inside of which there is a vibrating gyroscope with a processor. Transport is managed through two motors

Consider the main components of this product.

  • CPU. It is a kind of "brain" device, responsible for its full and productive work and current functioning. 32 bit models are typically used.
  • The basis from metal. Due to the strength of the source material, the device can be controlled by a person weighing up to 100 kg.
  • Motor wheel To model behaved powerfully, especially in the conditions of the uphill, there are special sensors of the hall.
  • Electronic peripherals in the amount of several pieces. Thanks to the joint interaction of the elements presented, the productive work of the whole mechanism is ensured.
  • Battery. One charge allows a person on a hoverboard to overcome significant distances and feel confident.

So, the device of traditional models is quite simple, nevertheless it allows you to move from one place to another, developing a speed three times higher than the human resource.

How the mechanism works

The mechanism of the apparatus can be considered on the example of the human body. If you make the patient lean forward, you will not be able to fall, because the brain will give the body a “disturbing” signal, and at the subconscious instinctive level you will stretch your leg forward so that the body returns to its original, upright position. The brain understands that equilibrium has been lost as the fluid located in the region of the inner ear changes its position.

The movement of the hoverboard depends on where the user's body is directed.

The ear is a gyroscopic sensor and a tilt sensor. So that a person is kept in balance and could not fall, the wheels turn at the speed that is necessary for moving forward, thereby protecting the user from falling.

Management features

The process of managing this device is simple, even the child will cope with this work. The movement of the hover is carried out depending on where the user's body is directed. The correctness of the movements ensures productive use of the device. If you transfer the weight to the left pedal, it will turn left. If the right - in the right direction. To start moving forward, you will need to bend over, as if you are getting up on your toes, making even pressure on both pedals.

Tip! For braking or backward movement, the weight is transferred to the heels, tilting is carried out slightly. It is as easy to control this device as a bicycle. At the intuitive level, after several attempts, you can easily learn the mechanism and easily put it into practice.

How to choose a model?

Currently, the market offers a wide variety of devices and mechanisms - for every taste and color. And often the consumer asks what to choose.

The process of managing this device is simple, even a child can handle this job.

Tip! Particular emphasis is placed on the characteristics that are your priority.

  • Purpose of the machine. It is necessary to understand for whom the model is purchased - for an adult or a child. Children's models are lightweight for the possibility of self-transfer. Usually the mass is up to 5 kg in parameters, the dimensions are minimal. Such models are also characterized by low power, so your child will be able to accelerate very smoothly, without reaching dangerous speeds.
  • Wheel dimensions. This is another option that is worth paying attention to when choosing a device. Traditionally, children's models have a diameter of 5 ", the diameter of adult products - 6.5" - 10. "The more important the parameter in question is, the easier it is to overcome various obstacles with it. In addition, products can be offered on chamber and tubeless rubber. The second version of the products can maintain pressure even in the event of a puncture, heating occurs when driving at high speeds.
  • Motor power parameter. The most important indicator that you need to pay attention to when choosing a hoverboard. It depends on what speed the model can dial, as well as how long it will be done. Children's models have an average power of 150 W, and adults 500 W or more. In principle, the presented parameters are optimal for a comfortable ride. There are models on the market with an engine power of 1000 W, in Russia they are the most powerful units. Example - ELTRECO CONTEMP, equipped with a powerful engine (500 W for each wheel), can reach 16 km / h, it passes 25 km on one charge.
  • Battery capacity. The parameter is important for people traveling long distances, when choosing the wrong model it may happen that you do not reach. Traditionally, in most models, this figure is 4.4 A / h, as well as 5.5. Thanks to such mechanisms, the user can overcome a distance of 15 to 20 kilometers. There are commercially available models equipped with more powerful batteries that allow you to drive about 30 km.

Gadget for the whole family

  • Additional functional features. For options, gyroscooters can be equipped with different devices, the most common of them - speakers, Bluetooth. Thanks to such opportunities, it is really possible to bind your mobile device to a vehicle, as well as listen to music through special speakers located in the lower area of ​​the case. This option will allow to draw attention to promotions in the field of marketing.

Thanks to modern models, you can take walks and ensure a comfortable movement within certain areas.

Where to buy a device

There are several options where you can purchase a hoverboard. First, in the local stores of your city, for example, sports goods, markets, and so on. Secondly, there are online stores offering delivery of devices to your home, office. Third, you can use the services of foreign online stores, which will allow you to buy original models and, possibly, save large sums.

The correctness of the movements ensures productive use of the device.

Scooter cost

The price range of products, as well as their range, is quite large. Among the abundance, you can choose the best options for every taste and color. The cost of products depends on the parameters you are guided by when choosing, as well as on the place of purchase. Consider the cost of the cheapest device and compare pricing offers from different manufacturers.

Buying in local stores: prices

Giroskuter today sold in city stores. If you choose specialized trade objects, this will increase your chances of choosing from a wide range.

The advantages of such a purchase is the instant receipt of the goods on hand, no need to wait. In addition, you have a 100% guarantee that you will not buy a fake, because the seller is within your reach. In order to avoid unforeseen circumstances, it is recommended to read reviews about certain stores on the Internet and select the most reliable shopping facility.

In order to avoid unforeseen circumstances, it is recommended to read reviews about certain stores on the Internet and choose the most reliable shopping facility.

The disadvantage is only in price: buying goods in a retail outlet, get ready to pay a substantial markup, which can sometimes reach 30-35%. The easiest unit in the store of the regional center will cost you 15-20 thousand rubles, which is very expensive.

Tip!If you want to buy a hoverboard in a regular store, but do it on the most favorable terms, you need to look not for stores, but for warehouses that do not pay a huge rental of premises. You can also choose a scooter directly from the manufacturer.

Purchase in online stores: prices

If you want to save money and at the same time are ready to wait a bit for your package, you can choose a popular online store, since there are plenty of them today. The seller will provide you with a valid guarantee that the device is working, and delivery takes place within a period of one week. The benefits are exhausted.

Now about the weaknesses of the issue. On the shelves of online stores from cheap models, you can only select suspicious devices that are overbought several times. Traditionally, cheap scooters are assembled in factories in China, and Russian-language packaging is offered.

Children's models are lightweight for self-transfer

Tip!In order not to be trapped, when looking for a profitable option, read the reviews about it. It is possible that at a low price you will be provided with a quality product, but you need to be sure of this.

Another disadvantage is that electronic stores often charge prices, and in sum they do not always differ from those offered in the retail network. The cost starts from 15 000 rubles.

Specialty shops

This option is good because the sellers of such a network are directly involved in the sale of such equipment, so they will hold a full consultation and will assist in choosing the most profitable option. In this case, you can give preference to specialized stores offline or online resources. In the first case, prepare for overpayment, in the second - for the fact that poor-quality goods can come. However, if you carefully examine each assortment position and read the reviews, or even better - ask people who have already bought such products, then everything will be fine, and you will make a bargain purchase.

Children's models have an average power of 150 W, and adults 500 W and more

Tip! Do not fall into the trap when the manufacturer or authorized dealer hides some parameters of the device. Sometimes there are cases when a scooter, bought in an online store for an adult, in size fits only for his cat.

Buying from an online store abroad: prices

Foreign trade objects will offer a wide range, availability of prices, and good quality indicators. For example, the easiest scooter on the well-known resource aliexspress will cost from 12,000 rubles. Delivery takes about two weeks. Get ready for the fact that this product is 99% invented in China. However, pre-read reviews about a particular seller, and then order the goods.

Overview of popular sites

Traditionally, the battery power allows you to drive from 15 to 20 kilometers

If you take a few shops and compare the cost of the cheapest giroskuter on them, then we can note the following:

  • YANDEX-MARKET - 12,000 rubles and more;
  • OZONE - 15,000 rubles and more;
  • Aliexpress - 13,000 rubles at least.

Selecting the desired shopping facility and finding relevant information about the seller will make a profitable purchase.