Care and stages of eyebrow healing after tattooing


Tattooing is a procedure that has recently been used by many women to emphasize beauty or, on the contrary, to make some flaws less visible. Bleached or rare eyebrows, their irregular shape, scars and scars in this area often become an occasion to sign up for a brow master (brow master). One more (often the main) reason for a tattoo can be laziness: applying makeup every day can sometimes get bored, and really want to stop painting, but still remain attractive. A visit to an experienced brow specialist will allow you to forget about make-up for 3-5 years, and charming eyebrows will emphasize the expressive look and attract the attention of men.

Eyebrow healing steps

So, you decided to do a tattoo of eyebrows and consulted with a beautician. An experienced brovist suggested what is the best color to choose and chose the perfect shape that suits your face type. Permanent eyebrow makeup is finally applied: what to do next? In most cases, the master will necessarily tell you before the procedure how to properly care for the eyebrows after the tattoo. But if you have missed some moments, having noticed how irresistible you will be in a week, then we offer you step-by-step instructions for healing eyebrows.

In the process of applying a tattoo and immediately after it, "new" eyebrows will be much brighter than your chosen shade.

First day of tattoo: how to remove the blood and edema

On the first day after applying permanent makeup, the result will not be exactly what you might expect. Bright, sometimes absurd, eyebrows, pain, redness and swelling of the skin - this is what becomes the main cause of concern. But do not be upset before the time: it is a natural phenomenon for the first day after the tattoo.

On the first day after eyebrow tattoo, phenomena such as puffiness and redness of the skin are not excluded.

Since skin is pierced with a needle up to 0.5 mm in depth for the injection of paint, which damages the epidermis, there is a risk of introducing infection. In the first days after the tattoo, the eyebrows may even bleed slightly, but more often, the blood (lymph) is secreted. This is a protective reaction of the body that is trying to prevent bacteria from getting into wounds. Lineerists (permanent makeup masters) recommend wiping the damaged areas on the first day with a soft cloth, without pressing or rubbing the eyebrows, otherwise the ichor will stand out even more, and a part of the coloring component may come out with it. With blotting movements, you remove the lymph.

One of the options for removing ichor from the eyebrows is soft kicking it with a cotton pad.

You can use a napkin, cotton pad or sterile cloth soaked in a special antiseptic. The following medications work best:

  • Chlorhexidine-gel for external or local use or 0.05-0.5% aqueous solution of chlorhexidine. In Russian pharmacies, this drug can be purchased at a price of 7 to 30 rubles.
  • Miramistin 0.1% solution. Sold at prices ranging from 170 to 290 rubles for 50 ml in pharmacies of the capital.

Treatment of eyebrows after tattooing with 0.05% chlorhexidine water solution will help to protect the skin damaged from tattooing from microbes

For the treatment of eyebrows after tattooing, any antimicrobial agent that does not contain alcohol, which dries the damaged skin, which causes wounds to heal much longer, will do.

Rubbing should be carried out up to 8 times a day. This will help you remove fluid that has escaped from the wounds and remove redness of the skin.

Once the ichor has been removed, care should be taken to eliminate the edema. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon after tattooing eyebrows, but with proper care, puffiness disappears as early as 2-3 days after applying permanent makeup.

Cosmetologists advise to use wound healing ointment. Apply them only to dry skin.

  • Rescuer - balm based on natural ingredients, the cost of which ranges from 122 to 200 rubles;
  • D-Panthenol 5% - medical ointment. In metropolitan pharmacies selling at prices ranging from 197 to 300 rubles for 25 g .;
  • Bepanten - cream, the main components of which is dexpanthenol. Promotes rapid tissue regeneration. In pharmacies in Moscow, you can buy it at a price of 400 to 700 rubles;
  • Oxolinic ointment is an antiviral drug with a softening effect. The price of funds ranges from 27 to 36 rubles.

In addition, regular petroleum jelly also helps to soften damaged skin and protect it from germs and temperature changes. Apply the product should be with a cotton swab or carefully washed, preferably with alcohol-disinfected hands, with gentle movements. After half an hour, remove the remnants of ointment or vaseline with a clean napkin.

One of the methods of applying the wound healing ointment on the eyebrows is using a cotton swab.

In professional tattoo parlors, experienced masters often recommend using a disposable healing cream Fougera immediately after a tattoo procedure. It promotes rapid regeneration of the skin due to the presence in the composition of vitamins A and D and protects damaged tissue from infection. Finding it in pharmacies is not so easy, so before the procedure you need to prepare in advance for further care and purchase the necessary funds.

For skin healing after tattooing and permanent makeup, professionals recommend the use of Fougera disposable ointment that promotes rapid regeneration of the epidermis.

Often, on the first day after applying permanent makeup, the aching pain is felt. If you have a low pain threshold or very sensitive skin, then of course you shouldn’t stand unpleasant feelings - just drink one of the following painkillers:

  • Analgin;
  • Aspirin;
  • No-shpa;
  • Nurofen;
  • Ketanov.

Be sure to make sure that you do not have an individual intolerance to the components contained in these preparations.

It is worth noting that rare happy owners of tattoo eyebrows complain after the procedure of an allergic reaction. However, if it still happened, be sure to inform your lindery cosmetologist about it, and to eliminate the first symptoms of allergy, drink an antihistamine (Loratadine, Suprastin, Klarotadin, Fenigil, and others).

The main rule of the first day after tattooing: do not wash with water - wipe your face with wet wipes and avoid contact of eyebrows with dirty hands. All means for the care of skin damaged by permanent makeup apply with gentle promakivaymi movements. This will be the key to rapid recovery of the epidermis. And in no case do not sleep face in the pillow.

Second day: brow browning

With proper care for new eyebrows on the second day after a tattoo, you may already notice that the redness, pain and swelling have become much less. But how then to explain why, instead of the painted areas starting to finally brighten, they seem to be even darker, as if painted with a marker?

On the second day after tattooing, eyebrows darken, and a crust begins to form

The fact is that during the night, the ichorus emerged from the damaged epidermis, and with it - part of the staining component. It was not possible to remove it in time, and the dried lymph began to form a thin crust. You should not panic: this is normal. Continue the standard eyebrow care:

  1. Once every 2 hours, gently wipe the damaged areas with an alcohol-free antiseptic.
  2. When the skin is completely dry, apply a special emollient antibacterial ointment on the eyebrows.

Thus, care for the eyebrows on the second day after the tattoo should be the same as immediately after the procedure. The only caveat is that the process of regeneration of the epidermis was actively going on at night, and therefore it is no longer possible to treat damaged skin areas: it is enough 4-5 times a day. However, it is still advisable to avoid eyebrow contact with water.

In the first days after tattooing, wash should be replaced by wiping the face with a damp cloth or cotton pad soaked in micellar water.

It is also not recommended to go outside, especially if the tattoo was done in winter or summer: sudden temperature changes and exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun can adversely affect the healing process. But if you still need to leave the house, we advise you to wear sunglasses that cover your eyebrows.

The unpleasant sensations on the second day after the tattoo permanently disappear, so you will not need pain medicine. The same applies to allergies: in most cases, it stops after a single dose of antihistamines on the first day after applying permanent makeup.

The rule of the second day after the tattoo: do not stop eyebrow care, gently clean the skin and do not be intimidated by the resulting crusts.

The third day: what to do with crusts

So, waking up on the third day after the tattoo, you disappointedly noticed that the look of the eyebrows became even worse. The color now seems even more uneven, and I want to tear off the formed crusts. But this should not be done for several reasons:

  1. Removed by an unnatural crust can cause bleeding and, as a result, infection in the wound.
  2. A strong excretion of the great bittern can begin, and with it a part of the paint will extend from under the skin. Imagine how uneven the color of the eyebrows will be when they heal.
  3. Torn crusts will prolong the eyebrow repair process for a few more days.

Removal of crusts formed on the eyebrows can lead to infection and even more excretion of the blood seam with washing out the paint.

The resulting "strata" on the new eyebrows protect post-wound injuries from infection. This is a natural reaction of the body to skin trauma. Remember how in childhood several days after falling from a bicycle, thick crusts formed on your elbows or knees and how wounds began to bleed when we tried to tear them off. The same thing will happen with eyebrows. However, sometimes it happens that putting on clothes over her head or touching a crust in a dream, she can tear herself away. No need to panic, but it is best to treat the skin with an antiseptic as soon as you notice damage.

There is one more plus in the formed crusts: you can already begin to wash yourself with water. It is even allowed to use special cleansers, but the main reservation is that they should not contain alcohol and dry the skin - this will prevent the quick healing of the eyebrows.

Still you can not use decorative cosmetics in order to avoid infection in the wound. The rest of the care of the eyebrows should not differ from the procedures of the previous day: treatment with antiseptic up to 5 times a day and applying emollient ointments.

The basic rule of the third day after the tattoo: do not try to tear off the crusts!

The period from the fourth to the seventh day after the application of permanent makeup

On the fourth day after tattooing, the crusts will still bother you. You have to suffer a little and the itching that usually accompanies them. The main thing - do not give up and continue to fully care for your eyebrows, do not forget about the wound healing ointment and antiseptics. In some places, the least exposed to paint, peeling and peeling of the crust may already begin.

On the fourth day after the tattoo, peeling of the skin and peeling of the skin can begin.

On the fifth day, the itch may become simply unbearable - a sign of skin healing. But remember that it is impossible to comb the brows with nothing: neither with your hands, nor even with improvised means. The only thing that can be done is to remove the exfoliated crust in those places where it is quite loosely held. However, there must be an antiseptic nearby, and hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and water before the procedure. We continue to rub eyebrows with chlorhexidine solution once every 3 hours and then apply wound healing ointment.

On the fifth day after tattooing, active peeling of the crust begins, accompanied by severe itching.

On the sixth day, the brow crust is actively removed. Many owners of the tattoo complain of intolerable itching that accompanies this process. There is no need to disturb the master Browser about this: even if you endure no more strength, this is normal. To facilitate the sensations, you can lightly press the edges with a cotton swab, but you can not comb them in any case. On this day, the crust is better not to touch at all.

The seventh day after the tattoo is still accompanied by severe itching in the eyebrows. However, most of the ladies at the end of the first week have almost no crusts left. But the peeling of the skin becomes more noticeable - the result of the frequent use of antiseptics. You should not worry: this deficiency can be easily removed with moisturizers, which can be started to use very soon.

On the seventh day after applying the permanent makeup, the crusts are almost gone, and skin flaking begins

It is still forbidden to use decorative cosmetics and expose eyebrows to ultraviolet radiation. That is why you should also refuse to visit beauty salons and tanning salons. To avoid getting into the wounds of infection, you should forget about bathing in the reservoirs and the pool for a month. You need to protect yourself from colds: weakening of immunity against the background of the disease can cause inflammation of the skin of the eyebrows and an obstacle to their rapid healing. That is why it is best to drink a course of vitamins and minerals during the post-production period.

The second week after the tattoo: color change

If you properly care for your eyebrows, then the second week after the tattoo, should bring fruitful results. The most difficult stage is over: the crust has descended, the borders of the eyebrows have become clearly delineated, and their color finally gradually becomes like the one that you picked up in the salon. And although the stabilization of the tone will take place within a month, the main shade will already be visible.

In the second week after tattooing, eyebrows become more natural color, the external stage of the skin regeneration process is completed.

You can gradually begin to use decorative cosmetics and face creams, but the skin around the eyebrows while applying them should still be avoided. Wipe eyebrows antiseptic can be up to 2 times a day. Do not forget about emollient ointments. Sleeping face in the pillow is still not recommended.

Results a month after eyebrow tattooing

After two weeks of care for new eyebrows, you find yourself at the finish line. And although the final healing of the skin will occur within a month, the visual result of the tattoo will not change. During this period, you can already see the result of improper permanent makeup produced by a careless master, or the result of improper care of eyebrows. If in the first week the crust was removed mechanically, and not naturally, the skin in this place will be much lighter.

The consequences of unsuccessful eyebrow tattoo - uneven spread of paint and a spoiled appearance

Fix unsuccessful tattoo possible. Usually in such cases, they resort to either correction or laser removal of permanent eyebrow makeup. But in order to prevent such situations, it is necessary to read reviews about the work of a lonergeist in advance and not to “peck” on cheap announcements - most likely, the skill of a brow drill in this case will be a big question.

Video: eyebrow care after tattoo


In general, many of my friends, when they saw how my face was transformed, immediately wanted to have a tattoo too. I think it says something. I repeat that the main thing depends on the master. And from you - leaving and not nakosyachit, without accidentally tearing off the crust.


The procedure is definitely worth it! The main thing - to find a good master, and for the result you can not be afraid. Tattoo - salvation for girls without eyebrows. A few years can not worry about the presence of eyebrows on the face.


To advise a tattoo or not? For me personally, this period was very difficult. If absolutely everything is bad with eyebrows, then it is worth doing. But very carefully approach the search for the master. Although there is a taste and color ... When I was, one girl praised her master of tattoo, and I looked at her eyebrows and thought: "Who did you spoil so much?" This girl didn’t respond much to my master, as she saw the pink eyebrows made by her. I, thank God, they are not pink. The shape is good. There are minor issues, but we will fix it.


Tattoo can transform the face and make the look more expressive. Due to the new correct shape of the eyebrows, many refuse to make-up - so much the girls like the new reflection in the mirror. Care of eyebrows in the first week requires regular, but it is worth it, because beauty requires sacrifice. If you have long been unhappy with the eyebrows - rather go to a proven salon to meet your dream!